The Manchester Bombing and Anarchotyranny in the British Isles

Let’s Not Jump to Conclu… – and It’s Muslims


Manchester police escort a wounded woman away from the attack.

Twenty-two people are dead after Salman Ramadan Abedi, a Libyan who just happened to have been born in the British Isles, decided to strap himself with a suicide nail bomb vest. Despite being born in a pantywaist, Western nation that bent over backwards to accommodate him and his ilk, his last words were a shrill cry to Allah amidst a crowd of infidels, oblivious to the coming detonation.

The Response from the Pathetic British Ruling Class

The responses from the British government (I am loathe to call them “leaders”) are completely expected. This post making it’s way around Twitter summarizes the situation:


A Briton expresses his frustration at living in an anarchotyrannical police state.

Patriotic chest-beating from the British politicians is comical on it’s face. Before I got on a plane for the UK, Piers Morgan was on television lecturing the entire USA on it’s backwards gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. A Brit on the plane expressed his frustration to me at the NRA’s supposed recalcitrance to buckle on guns. This same Brit, when I brought up the CCTV surveillance commonplace throughout the UK, credulously said, “Yeah I suppose we’re one of the more surveilled countries in the world. Still, we’re not as bad as North Korea though!” Guns were evil, or so the thinking went.

And lo and behold, what do I see in downtown London by Parliament? Policemen with MP5 sub-machine guns every 20 feet. Mass security everywhere. Crash-proof fences protecting Downing Street and Parliament. The security at Parliament was just as intrusive as at the airport. This mini-documentary discusses how the entire urban geography of London has been reconfigured to protect the British rulers from terror attacks.

That’s all fine and dandy if you’re a British politician (or a posh Surrey billionaire) who can call upon the bottomless resources of the State for self-protection, but what protection did those kids have in Manchester Arena? What were they supposed to do?

The answer my friend is simple: they were supposed to die. They were meant to sacrificed upon the altar of managerial liberalism. The deaths of those children in Manchester can only be placed at the feet of the British government, whose citizens it is obligated to protect from Islamic terrorism. If a government cannot protect its citizens from the depredations of ISIS, why should that government continue to have power?

Then again, after the Rotherham coverup, it was folly for the British people to believe their government would protect their lives when it would not even protect the innocence of young girls from Muslim rape gangs.

The answer is, it shouldn’t, which is why the British police state is in full clamp-down mode on dissent. The Manchester police are actively pursuing thoughtcriminals who are placing the blame rightly on Muslims, on ISIS, and above all, the British government’s immigration policies that put Muslim life on a pedestal and white British life in the rubbish. The far-left on Twitter is functioning as a secret police, actively spying on their digital neighbors (or actual neighbors) and turning them over to the security services for thoughtcrimes.

Who Profits from the Terrorism?

If the religion of Islam did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it –  it is the ultimate mechanism for injecting volatility into the world financial markets. The major banks and corporations love terrorism, and would fund it if the world’s governments would let them (then again, HSBC funded it anyways). After every bombing or mass shooting, markets tumble, and they buy up the market at artificially reduced prices. For reasons I have already explicated, white genocide is also of benefit to capitalists, who want Third World consumers instead of First World ones.

The British politicians love terror as well, as every terrorist attack means more dead white Brits and only a few Muslims lost. White Brits, as far as the British political class is concerned, need to be punished for Brexit, and their punishment is to be white genocide. And it can’t happen fast enough.

And lastly, there is the British military-security complex, who repeatedly see their power and funding explode in cadence with the bombings. Instead of halting non-white and Muslim immigration (an obvious, cheap, effective solution), the British people are to be stripped of their freedoms and liberties due an Englishman, and their property confiscated via taxation to underwrite a massive police and surveillance state.



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