The Increasing Urbanization of America, the Decline of Morals, and Race

An Observation on the Blasted Moral Landscape of Big Cities


According to the UN, 66% of the globe will be living in cities by 2050.

After several years of living in big cities as well as small-town America, I have observed that the city is corrosive to moral teaching, principles, and religion. I have seen behavior on the streets of cities in America I never saw in my first 18 years of life growing up in small-town America. Getting hit up for money is a common occurrence; never happened in my hometown (at least, until meth and oxys turned a generation of young whites into drug zombies). I’ve seen people high of their mind on drugs in public – that too, I never saw growing up. Public urination is a common sight in my city in the summer time (almost exclusively from black males in the nearby park).

The force of religion is considerably weaker in big cities (at least, the ones I have lived in). In rural America, religion is still a powerful force in the lives of everyday people (though perhaps not very strong in oxy-addicted Rust Belt America). Religion (especially Christianity) competes with drugs and sports for the souls of young white males, and feminist-infested Christianity loses out big time to sportsball and oxy pills.

Why is the City so Corrosive to Morals?

First, the city surrounds the citizen with images and structures of man’s power. Huge buildings give man the false idea that his creations can reach, and even exceed the heights of the stars or the imagination of God Himself. This gives him the false idea that man is the ultimate source of power in the world, and that man has a monopoly on force and the ability to define beauty through architecture of statuary. The rural man by contrast, who lives in God’s Country, has a more realistic appraisal of what natural beauty is. Can any architectural wonder, whether the Sistine Chapel, or the Eiffel Tower, compare to the majesty of Yosemite National Park?


Yosemite National Park in California, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

…or the Matterhorn?


The Matterhorn.

It is not moral teaching or the fear of God that preserves order in cities, but the boot of the police on the throat of the criminal element. Man begins to think that what is “right” and what is “wrong” is not based on the laws of God, but on what the State wills. If the historical track record of the State is any indicator, this is horrendous for the human moral condition. Murder is always wrong according to the Christian God, but the State in many forms and times has believed it has the authority to redefine murder as necessary to achieve State goals, whether it is warfare, mass executions, or domestic political assassinations.

The Constant Temptation to Sexual Vice in the Big City

A high density of people means a high density of sex partners. A man who has sex with huge numbers of women begins to believe himself greater than God Himself, and mightier than Him as well. Even when he is afflicted by the disproof of his beliefs ( e.g. a deadly venereal disease), a trip to the doctor and a few shots of penicillin can cure him of his reason and re-enable his stupidity. Again, the demonstration of the power of man clouds his judgment. This is unlikely to continue into the future, as I foresee that sexually-transmitted diseases will become drug-resistant, and will cull millions of fornicators.

This might explain why black males do not engage in suicide as often as other races of men. They have lower standards for happiness, which are easily met by the modern city. Sex, liquor, and a small amount of disposable income from selling drugs or working some shady job are enough to stave off the urge to blow one’s brains out at the thought of living a meaningless life. Sex is easy to acquire for the black male, as black women exhibit a level of promiscuity competitive with gay men, as the bar chart below demonstrates:


Gay men just can’t resist the urge to poz a neg hole. The runners-up? Black women!

An examination of the racial breakdown in sexually-transmitted disease sufferer demographics is instructive. Across the board, non-Asian minorities have the poorest sexual health (from the 2015 CDC sexual health survey).



Chlamydia — Rates of Reported Cases by Race/Ethnicity and Sex, United States, 2015.



Gonorrhea — Rates of Reported Cases by Race/Ethnicity and Sex, United States, 2015.



Primary and Secondary Syphilis — Rates of Reported Cases by Race/Ethnicity and Sex, United States, 2015.

The Impact of the Race-Based Welfare State on Moral Decline

This is the basic structure of decline in white American society across decades:

  1. A decline in white morals leads to the election of politicians who realize they can buy votes by cannibalizing the tax base. The politicians know they can court client constituents by promising gibs in exchange for votes.
  2. However, when word spreads (especially among blacks) that a particular urban area is giving out welfare freebies, blacks flood the realm. This is what happened when the human refuse of Chicago decided to invade Milwaukee.
  3. This is a triple-threat to morals and justice: blacks are intrinsically less moral than whites across virtually any metric, the city itself is corrosive to morals, and popular democracy emboldens the black vote to accelerate the redistribution of gibs.
  4. Whites flee their once vibrant city to the suburbs, which is no longer economically vibrant, but racially vibrant.

Black morals could be corrected by, as Steve Sailer has said, giving blacks firmer moral guidance from society to keep them out of trouble. This is not done though. Instead, black dysfunction is endlessly excused as the fault of white racism, even when it is blacks victimizing other blacks.

It is fashionable among Conservative, Inc. limp-wrists to blame black dysfunction on noncurables like fatherlessness. I am not sure if black fatherlessness is really the problem. Most urban black males are human excrement who would be toxic to the development of any child. Having them in the home would likely lead to the children being molested, victimized by the father’s gang rivals, sold to the highest bidder, or their heads dashed against the wall in a fit of anger. The episode of Tyshawn Lee in Chicago in instructive. Had little Tyshawn’s father not been involved in his life, Tyshawn would never have been executed in a gangland revenge killing. As an article on American Renaissance stated, “Black men are good at making children, but not at raising them.”


Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps the city is not as morally corrosive as I am accusing it of, and the real problem is that our cities are full of immoral Third World obsolete farm equipment. As American Renaissance’s 2016 “Color of Crime” statistics indicate, if New York City’s black and Hispanic (especially black) population was replaced with whites, about 90% of the NYPD could be laid off. It is astonishing in terms of sunk opportunity costs how much money we waste to police and incarcerate Third World people, when it would be far cheaper to simply keep them out of the country to begin with.

But the fundamental problems of the city’s adverse effect on morality still remain, even when full of whites.


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