The White Male and His Idiotic Worship of Sports

Bread and Circuses


A group of stupid white men living vicariously their dreams of being a “somebody” by cheering on some sportsball players that don’t give a damn about them.

Football is undeservedly huge in America. College and high school football is the religion in rural America. In cities with pro-sports teams though, grand sports circuses are performed in huge stadiums.

While I have not yet read the text, Paul Kersey has discussed at length what he calls “The Opiate of America,” college football. Like hopeless Chinese coolies watching their future dissipate in puffs in opium smoke, white American males derive much of their self-identity from their college football team. If their team wins, they’re happy. If they’re team loses, they’re unbearable. Coaches draw salaries that dwarf the pay of even the most distinguished professor at the school, or the university’s president.

I went to one football game in all of my time in college, and was thoroughly unimpressed. During homecoming, I felt like a European explorer during the Age of Sail having landed on a Polynesian island somewhere in the Pacific, and started witnessing the natives performing a fertility rite. Why was everyone losing their minds over a football game?

Considering American youth are indebted in the trillions now with student loans, I fail to see how any white American man can have any loyalty to his college. Colleges give the banks a run for their money in terms of greed and cynicism. College is a means to and end – to get a good job and a paycheck to live on, period. I feel zero loyalty to any of the liberals in academia, who view everything I have worked for in life as simply a result of my non-existent white privilege. They’ll never get a dime from me.

Theoretical Origins of Sports and the Worship of Athletes


Primitive tribespeople.

Sports is basically a less brutal version of war. In ancient times, the biggest, strongest males of tribe A would set out to kill the biggest, strongest males of tribe B, and ravish their women afterwards. Sports is a more peaceful way to pit the males of “tribe A” (some city) into winner-take-all combat against the males of “tribe B” (another city in America).

There is no ravishing of women afterwards, but I suspect more sexual activity takes place on the winning side after nightfall than the losing side. Women become lubricated at the thought of being taken by a big, muscular, powerful male, and a male that cheered for the losing side is automatically weak in their book. Though I admit, that is pure conjecture on my part.

Sports also fulfills a deep-seated human need to belong to a powerful group, so that even the weakest and most pathetic person can feel powerful. I have seen fat men get worked up over sports. I have seen scrawny weaklings get upset over sports. Neither of these types of men would be given the time of day by any of the ball players they admire so much.


A oblivious, fat sportsball fan.

As an observation, sports fans compose a granfalloon. They have no relationship with each other than by chance winding up in the same town, and are thus cheering for the same sports team.

The Athletes Don’t Care About Them

College ball players are overwhelmingly drawn from the dregs of the black ghetto. Stuck between a future of grinding poverty and likely imprisonment, or a slim chance of opulent wealth as a professional ball player, young black males will do their darndest to get a sports scholarship. Black sports players, despite being rescued from a life of crime and despair and showered with multi-million dollar contracts, take knees during the national anthem to protest vague injustices against black people. Race comes first, second, and last to blacks.



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