Review of Paul Kersey’s “Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White”


Cover of “Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White” by Paul Kersey

Structure of the Book

The book is a collection of about 50 essays Paul Kersey has written on his blog, Stuff Black People Don’t Like. I do not like this format, and don’t really think the book qualifies as a “book.” To reiterate, it’s a bunch of essays bound together and marketed as a book. Kersey repeats himself many times, and had he taken the trouble to reduce these essays down to a real book, the page count could probably be halved. Quotations are fine and all, but Kersey uses them to excess. Some of his quotations span multiple pages, which is a lazy way of presenting material to the reader. Furthermore, Kersey assumes molecular knowledge of football terms, some of which Wikipedia didn’t even have entries for. What pray tell is an “option quarterback?” I haven’t a clue. Dumbing it down a bit for us pigskin neophytes would have been appreciated.

Overview of the Book

The thesis of the book is that college football is a drug that has caused white Americans to lose their minds. Their country is being stolen from them, but as long as football is on TV, they lay blissfully unaware, flying high on a cloud of opium smoke. The money in college football is one indication of the madness:

“The Southeastern Conference (the SEC) has inked a television deal with CBS and ESPN that is worth a combined $3.05 billion dollars.”

Southern colleges gave up their most cherished traditions all in an effort to recruit resentful and substandard black male ball players. Ole Miss used to be called “The Rebels”; now they’re “The Black Bears.” The Stars and Bars used to fly high and proud; now they don’t fly at all because it makes black male athletes upset. Kersey repeatedly cites games in which all-white or nearly all-white football teams crushed weak all-black teams, making one wonder why those traditions had to be axed.

The funny thing, is that these black males are the offspring of the ghetto criminals and rioters that turned once thriving Southern cities (e.g. Birmingham, New Orleans, and Atlanta) into unlivable hellscapes. And yet foolish whites (who live in safe suburbs are removed from black dysfunction) will crowd into football stadiums and shout at TV screens to cheer on black males they otherwise want nothing to do with.

Kersey repeatedly draws parallels between American football and Afrikaner rugby. White South Africans gave up their country and way of life so they could play and watch rugby. We are giving up our country to enable Black Run America.

Pokemon for Rich White People


Just replace the Pokemon with black ghetto thugs, and you’ve got college football.

In reflection of what Kersey has written, college football can be thought as “Pokemon for rich white people.” Instead of Pokegyms, there are athletic training centers exclusively for use by athletes. Instead of Pokeballs, athletic scouts go out and entice ball players to attend their school with college scholarships. Instead of going out into the woods to catch Pokemon, the ghettos of America’s decaying urban cities are scoured. Instead of evolving, players move on to the NFL. That is what college football has become: a giant multiplayer Pokemon battle, where overwhelmingly white coaches, alumni, and fans cheer on their “Pokesquad” of unemployable black criminals against an opposing “Pokesquad” of unemployable black criminals.

Welcome to the Jungle: How Black Run America Operates

Professional sports is one of the few positive images of black people to be found in America. With little exaggeration, at one point the city of Cleveland at one point was basing its economy around LeBron James.

“LeBron James, one of the faces of Black Run America (BRA) leaves Cleveland – a town in economic ruin and abandoned by white flight – departs for Miami and more money, in the process claiming the backlash to his departure was based upon race.”

Positive images are needed to keep Black Run America afloat, since virtually all other images of blacks are of criminals, rappers, rioters, and street thugs. Humorously, the preponderance of blacks in sports and television often causes the American public to vastly overestimate the black share of the U.S. population (as of this writing, it is about 13%). The typical images one sees of black people in the media and real life are of generational pauperism, rampant violent crime, drug peddling and abuse, child abandonment, and HIV infection. As his humorously quoted in the book:

“…The Pittsburgh Post Gazette found that the most frequent type of coverage Black people involve two subjects–– crime and sports: The Meyer content analysis found that during three months last year, the largest block of news stories involving black men and youth were about crime—86 percent of the news broadcasts and 37 percent of the newspaper stories.The Pew report found that the most frequent topics for news broadcasts involving African-American men were sports (43 percent) and crime (30 percent). In the newspapers, crime led all topics involving black men at 43 percent. Once crime stories were excluded, the content analysis found there were few other stories about black males.”

Despite the pathetic state of Black Run America, there are vast rewards for lying about the truth of matters. As Kersey writes:

“The highest morality one can hope to attain is the never-ending promotion of Black people in every facet of modern American life; if you do this, you can hope to have a movie made about your slavish devotion to uplifting Blacks to positions they could never reach by their own devices.”

E.g. The Blind Side.

Black Run America has no place for whites, especially when confronted with white achievement. White football players are routinely ignored by college scouts, mainly due to lacking “speed” (a codeword for “not being black”). Instead of getting athletic scholarships, these white males must pay their own way through college and “walk on” to the team. Black athletic superiority is a myth promulgated by Black Run America’s media propagandists, and also by biased metrics (e.g. the 40-yard dash) that favors young black males who mature physically faster. As Kersey writes, hating white ball players is a Black Run American past-time. Tim Tebow is OK to heap hate upon, because he is a white, evangelical Christian – but black criminality must be excused and tolerated. Whites having standards or expectations for behavior is something blacks find intrinsically offensive and bridle at the thought of. White coaches are often fearful of reprimanding their black players for their outrageousness. Blacks have been taught from kindergarten to bleat “Racism!” at any appearance of a white person disapproving of black uncouthness. To quote Kersey:

“Only vociferous, boisterous, heavily-tattooed Black athletes fit the mold of a modern athlete.”

Another aspect of Black Run America is that humorous level to which blacks will go to prove liberals wrong when it comes to racial equality. A case is example is when black males simply cannot understand gratitude when they receive a windfall or other great blessing. One black male pro-baller in the book complained that he was enslaved to his $100 million contract. Kersey asks in the book, “What other lawful occupation would allow an idiotic black male to earn hundreds of millions of dollars?” Due to the black IQ deficit, there is no such occupation. To quote Kersey:

“Compare and contrast: Peyton Hillis is traded to Cleveland where he quietly competes for the starting running back position while a Black player for the Washington Redskins complains of being a slave to a contract of $100 million: Albert Haynesworth said Saturday his $100 million contract doesn’t make him a slave to the Washington Redskins.”

Prediction: Albert Haynesworth will have squander every last cent of that fortune.

Another example of black ingratitude is the constant whining for college athletes to get paid. Black Studies professors whine that these black males are being used as plantation labor due to not being paid in college. It never dawns on them that an athletic scholarship, admission to a top university, and face time with wealthy alumni just might have some economic value.

One of the pillars of Black Run America is affirmative action. Without affirmative action, BRA would simply not exist, as blacks lack the intelligence and ambition to fulfill their dreams in the aggregate. It is rare to find a black scholar of renown outside of a black studies department. Other than Neil DeGrasse Tyson, when else do we ever hear about black astrophysicists, black investment bankers, or black brain surgeons (other than of course, the esteemed Dr. Ben Carson)? Kersey asks damningly in the book:

“Simultaneously, without affirmative action in academics and business, how would Black people – who lack the academic scores and qualifications necessary to compete with whites and Asians – ever gain entry to good schools or succeed in the business world?”

And black ambitions when it comes to race are boundless:

“…the goal of each NFL franchise is to have every on the field position, every coaching slot, every executive’s chair, every job right down to towel boys filled by a Black person. Only then will franchises have atoned for the past inequities against Black people.”

Black sports participation has been leveraged greatly to install and entrench Black Run America, as blacks routinely use their positions to blackify the Board of Trustees, the coaches, and the players as much as possible. As quoted in the book:

“Billy Hawkins, a University of Georgia associate professor who has researched sports and race, said “the collegiate black athlete is viable leverage to consider when seeking sociopolitical change.”

Look at any majority-black community in America, and what do you find? Rampant crime, virtually no lawful commerce outside of payday loans, liquor stores, and 24-hour check cashing services, crap property values, “malls that white people used to go to,” and urban decay. Blacks simply cannot maintain the civilization built by whites. A case example is Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama, which as of the book’s writing was in such disrepair as to be unsafe to use. According the Wikipedia, renovations began in 2015 – but who will attend the games when Birmingham is full of black crime?

Black Financial Foolishness and Sports

On a microscopic level, one of the main reasons blacks cannot maintain white civilization is due their profligacy with money. We endlessly hear about NFL and NBA black ball players filing for bankruptcy (or being jailed for child support arrears) less than five years into retirement. As Kersey writes:

“…And with the NFL being a league that is 69 percent Black, continually drafting prospective employees who perform lowly on the Wonderlic Test seems an exercise in futility. (And, considering that 78 percent of NFL players go bankrupt after they retire from the league, isn’t it obvious that economic literacy and saving money for the future are low priorities for Black players?)”

And also:

“Most people won’t admit it, but the National Football League (NFL) is largely a league consisting of comical – entirely interchangeable – Black athletes engaging in stereotypical Black male behavior in turn for a salary they will inevitably piss away immediately after retiring from the gridiron. It’s a modern day version of a minstrel show performed in jerseys and pads.”

Black males are incredibly insecure people, who feel an overwhelming urge to consume conspicuously. I think the root cause of this is the gnawing truth that the black man has not built anything or done anything in his history, and needs to compensate for this fact by flaunting his fleeting success in the faces of adoring white fans. Often, blacks view another black who makes it to pro-ball and a big paycheck as their own personal Moses, who is there to lead them to a Promised Land flowing with milk and honey.

Your average young black male has an insatiable sex drive as well. Combined with poor foresight regarding birth control as a result of a low average IQ, this is an explosive mixture for producing out-of-wedlock children (e.g. Travis Henry, Antonio Cromartie, and others). Even on an NFL player’s salary, having multiple children with multiple women becomes a massive drain on one’s bank account. Black females are no better with money, as the average wealth of a household headed by a black female amounts to only $5. Black mismanagement and misprioritization of finances is reflected in their voting habits:

“…Jefferson County—home to now 72 percent black Birmingham has recently declared the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.”

Bringing the Penitentiary to the College: Black Football Player Criminality

The book is replete with examples of black males behaving badly after being given the tremendous opportunity to play football for a prestigious college. As Kersey writes, “Having moral, educational or ethical standards runs counter to [Black Run America]’s goals…” Black males, especially black athletes, find it difficult to adhere to society’s laws, despite being showered with privilege. Most black males are disproportionately born-jailbirds, and the women they impregnate are gun molls. Examples of black male criminality in sports are manifold:

  • Michael Vick ran a dogfighting ring in his house.
  • Ray Lewis is a murderer, though he was acquitted.
  • Rae Carruth is doing a lengthy prison stretch for hiring a hitman to kill his pregnant girlfriend. He is expected to get out in the October of 2018 after serving 17 years.
  • Travis Henry is doing federal time for being the bagman in a cocaine smuggling operation. He is also a degenerate, having fathered 11 children with 10 different women.

While those are professional ball players, the situation is not much better for college black male ball players, who judging by their behavior, would have been better off raised by wolves. To quote the book:

“Yahoo sports reporter Charles Robinson broke this story of Thug U for those unaware, the University of Miami has been known as Thug U since the 1980s when the school started relying on Black thugs to win football games that shows the out of control nature of having Black athletes on a campus where getting a degree is the last thing on their minds: A University of Miami booster, incarcerated for his role in a $930 million Ponzi scheme, has told Yahoo! Sports he provided thousands of impermissible benefits to at least 72 athletes from 2002 through 2010. In 100 hours of jailhouse interviews during Yahoo! Sports’ 11month investigation, Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro described a sustained, eight year run of rampant NCAA rule-breaking, some of it with the knowledge or direct participation of at least seven coaches from the Miami football and basketball programs. At a cost that Shapiro estimates in the millions of dollars, he said his benefits to athletes included but were not limited to cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multi-million dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play (including bounties for injuring opposing players), travel and, on one occasion, an abortion.”

Black college ball players (BCBP’s) are often arrested for violent street crimes that a typical college student would never engage in, e.g. armed robbery and murder. One ball player in the book had his scholarship revoked for not informing the coach he had four young children with three different young women:

“In what vocation outside of football would Jenkins possibly earn enough income to take care of his brood? Think how many Black people don’t become professional athletes, and you begin to understand why so many Black people are reliant on welfare, EBT/Food Stamps and Section 8 Housing, not to mention free lunches at school for their kids.”

There is no bottom to the muckpit to which white coaches will crawl into to get “speed” onto their team. Lemaricus Davidson, one of the perpetrators of the Knoxville Horror, was nearly recruited by a college football team. Davidson, as of this writing, is scheduled to be executed by the state of Tennessee for his role in that horrific double rape and torture-murder. Phil Fulmer, the coach who attempted to recruit Davidson, is quoted as saying, “This is what we look for.” Disgusting.

Negro ball players are so childlike in their required level of supervision as to become self-parodizing. Blacks, in their stereotypical childlike fashion, routinely blame their problems and mistakes on everyone else. Standard phrases abound, “I was caught up, just like everybody else,” or “I was running with the wrong crowd.” In Black America, having criminal associates and getting in trouble with the law is a chance occurrence, like getting rained on without an umbrella. It never dawns on blacks that they weren’t “running with the wrong crowd,” but were in fact composing it. As quoted in the book,

“Before University of Tennessee football players get a playbook, they get a Think Card. It is an orange card small enough to fit into their wallets. On the front it says, “THINK,” followed by a series of questions designed to help the player assess his behavior and make the appropriate decision. On the back of the card are the home and cell phone numbers of the Tennessee coaching staff so players can call for help.”

The THINK card appears to be ineffective, as is quoted later in the book,

“…Tennessee football players have been in at least 20 incidents involving shoplifting, assault, gun charges, motor vehicle citations, disturbing the peace and failing a drug test.”

So out-of-control are these ball players, that the Knoxville Police Department has had to act as a “liaison” with the football team to shepherd them towards morality.

Let in the Dunce if He Punts: The Sacrifice of Academic Standards on the Altar of College Football

Education is a topic of great interest to me, and so this is where the bulk of my analysis of the book is weighted.

Aside from lacking morals, black college ball players are of sub-standard intellect. Even for-profit colleges would decline to admit many of the ball players discussed in the book. Black education failure begins in the public schools. Humorously, Kersey documents in the book how the poor average SAT/ACT scores for Southern states suddenly shoot up when black students are removed from the calculation. Whites and Asians are competitive in the marketplace and college admissions with the education they receive in their schools – it’s blacks who fail to make the grade. And they fail despite endless spending on education. Trillions of dollars have been spent on Big Education over the past several decades to close the “racial achievement gap,” with no progress whatsoever to show for it. Less than half of blacks can score above a 700 on the SAT. That is, a combined mathematics and verbal score of 700 – not a 700 on one of the sections. As is typical, the white liberals quoted in the book blame the education system for black failure and dysfunction.


Terrence Cody, intellectual titan.

Humorous statistics are given in the book about the garbage test scores that black high school athletes bring to the college table. Huge handicaps on the SAT are given to blacks, and an additional handicap is given to black ball players. Regular students need to actually bring grades and brains to the table to get in, while the dregs of the urban ghettos slide in with weak qualifications. Julius Peppers had a college GPA of 1.82 and eleven D or F grades on his transcript. The most humorous instance in the book was of Terrence Cody who, when questioned by the press on what he was studying in college, could not even state his own major. This was after he had said he only had two more classes left to get his degree, indicating he had been in college for four years, and yet still did not know his own major.

BCBPs are often “clustered” into easy, worthless degrees that will allow them to focus 100% of their attention on football. The majors that black athletes are clustered into are a menagerie of the worthless majors discussed already in Aaron Clarey’s book, “Worthless.” One professor is quoted in the book as saying, “A couple of years ago, I just happened to be looking at the media guide for the University of Miami [football team] and noticed as I was going through it that every minority player I saw had liberal arts as his major.” Georgia Tech, for example, is a prestigious engineering university, which typically requires its graduates to be scientifically-literate. Not so for black athletes, who are clustered into a ridiculous “management” major. Management majors on campus can be picked out easily; they’re all black. This is opposed to white ball players, who go on to become dentists, entrepreneurs, attorneys, engineers, and physicians. This reflective of my own experience in college. I rarely saw black males on campus in graduate school, and judging by the size of them, they were almost always football players.

In order to academically qualify, black athletes consistently require “special admissions” status, or a diagnosis of being learning disabled. According the statistics presented in the book, one would conclude that the entire purpose of “special admissions” status was to provide a backdoor for athletes to get into college despite poor academics.

The idiocy even extends to on-the-field performance. To quote the book:

“Woodhead was able to learn the offensive playbook in three weeks and execute with drive and precision for the Patriots. Jason Campbell, however, a Black quarterback, has failed to learn playbooks after six years in the NFL, though his failures are constantly and lamely explained away by commentators for having multiple offensive coordinators.”

Crap graduation rates of black athletes have caused millions of dollars to be invested into “student athlete success centers.” These lavish buildings are often equipped with quiet study areas and computer labs exclusively for the benefit of BCBPs. They might be better labeled as “Academic Dishonesty Centers,” as cheating is commonplace among black athletes. Often their work is often simply done by their white tutors. And this is all despite being clustered into pathetically easy, worthless majors that no employer would give consideration towards:

“…at Alabama, considering the school invests heavily in keeping these athletes eligible to play: “One of the secrets behind the academic success for current Tide athletes is Alabama’s Center for Athletic Student Services (CASS), headed by Jon Dever. In April 2005, a $10.3 million renovation of Bryant Hall was completed, transforming the former athletic dormitory into the Paul W. Bryant Academic Center, a state of the art academic center benefiting more than 425 Crimson Tide student athletes. The 52,300 square-foot building is among the finest in the country. It houses a 48seat computer lab, a math lab with 18 laptop computers aiding athletes when they travel, a reading lab with six computers, a writing lab, two 50seat classrooms, a 140seat classroom, and 32 individual study/tutor rooms. The Bryant Academic Center serves not only as a functioning full service academic facility but also as the home for the CASS staff and the Champs’ Lifeskills program. Moore calls the center “the crown jewel in the Alabama athletic department’s Crimson Tradition Fund facility enhancement campaign.”

Kersey gives several estimates from various schools in the book, but generally white graduation rates are above 90%, while black graduation rates (despite being clustered) are less than 50%. Whether the school is predominantly white or an HBCU, blacks fail to make the grade anyways. Theoretically, the NCAA imposes rules and penalties if athlete graduation rates are too low, but Kersey does not provide many stories of schools actually being reprimanded in this way – except for HBCU’s. HBCU’s tend to have very low graduation rates – less than half graduate within six years. Penalties can include losing scholarships and having their team’s practice time reduced. As Kersey writes, “The NCAA banned Jackson State and Southern from postseason play in football next season, and did the same thing for Southern and Grambling in men’s basketball, citing poor classroom performance by all three schools and a host of others in the Southwestern Athletic and Mid-Eastern Athletic conferences.”

In light of these facts, I can only imagine what the Chinese and Indians must think of us, who must be laughing themselves into muscle aches at our stupidity. As Kersey writes in the book:

“It’s embarrassing. One has to wonder what foreign students from Asia studying engineering, nuclear physics, and other hard science disciplines must think as they go to pore over their books and homework at the library on Saturday while tens of thousands of drunken whites tailgate and imbibe with untrammeled zeal before going to watch “special admission” Black students compete for their university.”

While I am white, I was basically one of those students – I wondered why people were getting so worked up over a football game they wouldn’t remember in 10 years, compared to learning important material that could produce a lifetime of dividends.

Overall Summary

I give the book three out of five stars. More effort on Kersey’s part (as opposed to simple stapling 50 essays together and calling it a book) would have led to a far better result. However, the book is still a good look at something I knew very little about and was not terribly interested in during school: college football.

My main takeaway from this book is that black America is hopelessly dysfunctional, and cannot and should not be placed in positions of power over whites, without severe scrutiny of their character and intelligence. They generally lack the acumen, the morality, and the plain-old smarts to pilot an advanced first-world economy to peace and prosperity. Why should we take orders from people who disproportionately cannot manage their own affairs? That are paupers and single mothers? That are jailbirds? Why?



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