The Alexandria Mass Shooting and Attempted Assassination of Congressman Steve Scalise

The Shooting


Piece of leftist dog shit, terrorist James Hodgkinson.

On June 14, 2017, America, the Constitution, and rule of law was subject to further assault by the left wing by terrorist James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Bro who enjoyed beating his foster daughter. Armed with an SKS assault rifle and a handgun, this malefactor started his assault by asking which political party people belonged to at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball game. He heard the right words – they were Republicans.

(I tire of writing out the name “Hodgkinson,” so I shall simply refer to him henceforth as “Shitbag.”)

Shitbag opened fire on the baseball game while hiding in one of the dugouts. A gunfight ensued for 10 minutes, until Shitbag was seriously injured and incapacitated. He was transported to a hospital, but thankfully succumbed to his injuries. Have a nice trip to hell, Shitbag. You’ll be in good company with the rest of your heroes: Stalin, Mao, Lenin, et. al.

About 20 Republican Congressman were at the event, including Steve Scalise. His health condition is presently unknown as of this writing, but probably bad.

My Perspective

What I read about liberals and guns these days simply floors me. Ever since I was a kid, the shitlibs and Democrats have been beating the drums for more gun control. Now that Trump is in power, liberals openly brag about buying guns to defend themselves against Trump’s “Christian Taliban,” or whatever other bugaboos they’ve cooked up for themselves.

From their actions (and not their words) the gun control Democrats have revealed what they really think about guns – they’re for killing their political opponents, and their political opponents are more killable when disarmed. That’s why they wanted to get rid of guns during the Obama years – it was the final obstacle standing in the way to even more aggressive seizures of power by the federal government. They thought they had a total lock on political power, so all that remained was to seize guns from the reactionary element in society who would resist increasing federal tyranny by force.

The government tried hard, but their own bungling stopped them. Eric Holder was caught smuggling guns across the border that his own agents had planted in order to frame American gun retailers for gun violence in Mexico. Then Sandy Hook happened, but the American people resisted so ferociously the attempt to use the massacre to seize guns that the Feds backed off.

The Bloody Dreams of the Democratic Party’s Far Left


Maoist executions China during the Great Leap Forward. This is what the far-left wing of the Democratic Party thirsts to do to us.

I’ve become numb and accustomed to standard shitlib hypocrisy, as they commit this sin so often as to render it part of their nature. But my heart is so hardened against the Democratic Party I don’t even know what to do anymore. They thirst for the chance to kill us and shoot us down in the streets. They want a government to do it for them though, because they are too cowardly, clueless, or queasy to do the killing themselves. They’re like Soviet Chekists who exhibited extreme bravery and heroism by torturing and executing defenseless Russians on behalf of their paymasters.




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