The Purging of James Damore – and Getting Even with Silicon Valley

The Backstory

A few days ago, an anonymous Google engineer authored a memo which discussed various biological differences between males and females, and how these differences are responsible for the observation that, in the aggregate, men and women have different career preferences. This engineer stated also that he believed Google was becoming an ideological “echo chamber,” where only certain views were tolerated, which only served to embolden the extreme fringe that held such views.


Google’s “visionary” CEO, Sundar Pichai, who apparently believes firing dissenting viewpoints is a great way to run a technology company.

Within 24 hours, he was doxxed, fired, and allegedly blacklisted by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. His name is James Damore.

James has debriefed with Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux., which were likely wise moves considering how the mainstream propaganda-industrial complex has been treating him (e.g. by calling the memo the “anti-diversity memo”). James is consulting legal action against Google both for firing him due to political views, and also for allegedly blacklisting him from ever working in Silicon Valley ever again.

My Take

Sundar Pichai is yet another example of an immigrant who should never have been let into the country. As has been demonstrated frequently, these foreign interlopers do not give a damn about the Bill of Rights, and see America only as a place to make money and split. The same behavior is seen in Chinese and other East Asians. Freedom is not a part of their worldview or tradition – their sole objective is to accumulate wealth and position for their family. In a sane society, Sundar Pichai would be hauled before a judge and be made to answer for his infringement of Damore’s civil rights, and within 24 hours be on a flight back to Asia with the understanding that if he ever returned the America, he would be locked up for 25 years.

silicon valley for what it really is

Left: The Silicon Valley Image. Right: The Silicon Valley Reality.

The image that Silicon Valley likes to put forth is one of meritocratic, well-learned sages who have the know-how to solve the world’s most pressing problems using STEM – and also as a great place to invest your money. This fiasco has fully exposed Silicon Valley for what it really is – a multi-billion dollar thought control, intimidation, and opinion enforcement operation. Not on board with homosexuality? Fired. Not on board with the most insane rantings of the academic left? Fired. Not on board with the fringiest fringes of fringey feminism? Fired.

This leads to me wonder: why would a straight, white male ever want to work for a company like Google, that is open in their molecular hatred of him? Why would they want the proceeds of their labor to go toward SJW paychecks – the same SJWs whose only role at the company is to censor and censure? Is the money really that good out there, when the outrageous cost of living is factored in?

My Message to the White Males that Make Silicon Valley Run

Burn it down. Destroy the system from within. Leak documents. Infiltrate internal systems using your privileged positions. Expose the skeletons in the closet. Dox upper management. Make their lives hell, and crash the stock before they can sell it all. You are working for and enriching a group of people who loath you, and long to see you die a long, painful death, and your people erased from history. It’s all-or-nothing when dealing with the totalitarian left that runs that part of the country – either you’ll destroy them or they’ll destroy you. As the Damore case has shown, what is uncontroversial one moment becomes a capital offense the next – anything to keep the progtard outrage industry sucking money out of the productive sectors of society. Your career is not safe, and you only draw a paycheck due to the forbearance of the crypo-Marxists that run your companies. Destroy it all, sow the earth with salt, and leave the ashes behind you.


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