The Single Mom Welfare Industrial Complex

The Single Mom Welfare State


Charged with your tax dollars.

The current system of misrule is simple: productive workers are exorbitantly taxed to pay for the costly life mistakes of single mothers. Low-tier, low-IQ, high-testosterone alpha males, who do not aspire to any higher purpose in life, are free to work menial jobs (or sponge and loaf), and can impregnate foolish women with wild abandon. High-IQ workers get to pay for the cost of raising these children, supporting these women, and incarcerating their male paramours.

Observations from Dating Websites


Tindersluts! Sassy and classy!

As I have discussed previously on this blog, single moms are one of the biggest problem populations in Western society. Stefan Molyneux has discussed this cancer at length. From my observations on dating websites, the problem of single motherhood is not caused by men divorcing their wives, or husbands kicking the bucket. It is caused overwhelmingly by irresponsible young women, who have no clue what qualities to look for in a good man, getting knocked up by a man who isn’t worth shit. These women are utterly unrepentant at the horrific mistake they have made. A common quote (with only minor variations) to find on a single mother’s dating profile is:

“My son comes first in my life. If you have a problem with that, you can move right along. I love my kids, and they are my world, and they have to come first.”

There is no explanation as to how the child was made, or what became of his father. It is as if the child was spun out of whole cloth by God Almighty, and simply bestowed upon this unlucky female.

Balderdash. We all know how it happened.

  1. The slut downloaded Tinder.
  2. The child’s father downloaded Tinder.
  3. They both swiped right.
  4. They met up, and decided to find a room.
  5. They had sex and did not use birth control.
  6. The slut refused to abort the unplanned pregnancy.
  7. The daddy ran off.
  8. …and now unpropaganda gets to have his wages taxed to pay for it all!

Almost without exception, the dating profile will include “Religious beliefs: Christian (and its very important)”. It is difficult to set my fury aside when affronted with such barefaced hypocrisy. These women behave indistinguishably from a heath-dwelling pagan. They have horrid tattoos. They fornicate without shame, and shrug off any rebuke of their behavior. Consistently, I see references to drugs and alcohol in their profile. Can’t they see their own hypocrisy?

By their own actions, these women spit upon the Word of God and His laws. What difference is there between these “Christian” women and an 18th-century French libertine, who believed only in the god of Pleasure? Heck, I consistently find myself more interested in atheist Asian women, who rarely exhibit the horrible pathologies that single white women epidemically do.



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