The Death of Comedy in Leftist-Dominated, Feminist, Snowflake America

Comedy As I Knew It

I personally love comedy – especially old classics. Richard Pryor is easily one of the funniest men America has ever produced. I remember staying up late at night to watch old favorites like “Duckman” on USA Network, or “South Park” on Comedy Central. A few months ago, I watched Mel Brooks’s “History of the World Part I,” and found some of it (not all) to be quite funny. On one of the channels my grandmother used to get as a kid, they ran reruns of the Classic Celebrity Roasts, which were hilarious. A friend of mine from high school, who was tremendously well-read and witty, would often come up with hilarious one-shots right off the sleeve of his shirt. He was such a sharp writer, he eventually found his way to the Ivy League for his undergraduate degree. It seemed that no topic was off limits for comics to crack on – race, sex, religion, gender, the whole nine yards were fair game for their snipes. Not to mention the eternally politically-incorrect Archie Bunker on “All in the Family.”

Good humor is hard to come up with, and it takes time to refine and hone a wit. Only a very sharp, well-learned person can come up with the connections quickly enough to crack witty jokes at the opportune time. I am skeptical that computer AI will ever be able to come up with zingers as good as any human could.

The End of Funny Business

Nowadays, most of the comedians I grew up watching on TV would not be showable today in the humorless, racially-diverse police-state of contemporary America. The increasingly totalitarian control of political correctness portends the death of comedy in America.

Good comedy pokes fun at the absurdities of everyday life and flaws in the current regime. But the leftist totalitarians that run America want everyone to believe we’re headed to a racially diverse utopia, which is perfect in every way, and above any sort of criticism. And laughing at a totalitarian’s garbage magnum opus is a sure way to rankle them. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched a new mainstream “comedian” give a standup routine, and found nothing funny whatsoever during their spiel.

There will be plenty of f-words, filth, smut, and denigration of Christianity, but nothing actually clever, witty, or funny. They think they are being edgy, but they are merely parroting Jewish and leftist talking points and slapping the label of “comedy” on it, like the USDA stamping a piece of beef brisket. I find contemporary comedy to be utterly devoid of actual comedy. The only people that will be laughing at the jokes is the pre-screened, urban, braindead zombie leftist audience, who wouldn’t know genuine comedy if it reached up and bit them on the ass.

Women and liberalism is a toxic brew for a dearth of humor. Christopher Hitchens has discussed this at length:

The lack of funny bones in the female gender is likely explained by evolutionary biology. Not being an expert in the area though, I will offer my unqualified conjectures anyways. To repeat what I have said before, good comedy pokes fun at the absurdities of everyday life and societal flaws. However, societal structure is heavily an expression of the government that rules that society. But to women, that government is the source of their security from being carried off by hostile males from enemy tribes. Why would they upset their government God-Husband by poking fun of it? Furthermore, women evolved not to entertain men, but to be be entertained by men. Men are supposed to make women laugh – not the other way around.



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