I was born in the mid-eighties. I graduated from high school at the height of the War on Terror disaster, thankfully didn’t join up, and immediately went to college to study engineering. I earned my doctorate in engineering in 2015.

Why Write?

I write on here because I have grown so wearisome of being (what seems like) the only conservative in my social sphere, and need a place to rant and vent. I write on all sorts of subjects – history, science, mathematics, and politics are the most frequent. Writing is a way of dealing with my disillusionment with the American system of government, and the concept of the State in general. Originally a highly patriotic American, I now can only view our political process as a naked struggle for power, and see little of value in maintaining the current political system.

My experience with the red pill began approximately in the summer of 2012, 2 1/2 years into graduate school. My “awakening” was bitter and painful, but that is the price of leaving Plato’s cave. I began by reading Return of Kings and VDARE, which eventually led me to Mencius Moldbug’s “Gentle Introduction“, as well as Heartiste, Dalrock, and several other Dark Enlightenment bloggers.

Contact email: unpropagandablog @ gmail dot com

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/unpropaganda


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